Collection | Large Accents
Chest of Drawers
Merchant's Cart
Small Merchant's Crt
Qt. 1
Floral Tea Cart
Bamboo Bicycle with Double Baskets
Black Umbrella with Trim
Qt. 6
9' Sky Blue Umbrellas with Trim
Qt. 6
9' Tassel Off White Umbrellas
Qt. 6

9' x 9'x 9'
9' Tassel Striped Umbrellas
Qt. 8

9' x 9'x 7'10"
Navy Umbrellas
Qt. 8
Cream Umbrellas
Qt. 6
9' Gray Umbrellas
Qt. 8

9' x 9'x 9'
Gutted Piano
Mahogany Hutch
Qt. 2
Antique Wash Stand
Hoda Mahogany Table
Scarlett | Off White Buffet
Danielle | Off White Buffet
French Gilded Mirror | Medium
Gold Frame | Medium
Carousel Horse
Antique Record Holder
Wooden Tea Cart
Antique Singer Sewing Machine _ Open
Dough Bowls | Large
Qt. 3
Library Card Cabinet
Paula | Mannequin Form
Curved Doors
Can Be Separated or Together

Floral and Candles included
Curved Doors
Can Be Separated or Together
Natural Mantle
Mahogany Mantle
Off White Mantle
Tatum Bicycle | Yellow
Small Secretary | Closed
Free Standing Birdcage
Birdcage with Stand
Chicken Crate Coffee Table
Qt. 3
Library Book Cart
Middle Wooden Ladder
Qt. 4
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Vintage, Specialty Rentals for Wedding and Events for New Orleans

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